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At DataPro, we provide final year projects with source code in python for computer science students in Hyderabad , Visakhapatnam.

A Chatbot is a software that can communicate with a human by using natural
language. One of the essential tasks in artificial intelligence and natural language
processing is the modelling of conversation. Since the beginning of artificial
intelligence, it’s been the hardest challenge to create a good chatbot. Although
chatbots can perform many tasks, the primary function they have to play is to
understand the utterances of humans and to respond to them appropriately. These
software are used to perform tasks such as quickly responding to users, informing
them, helping to purchase products and providing better service to customers. In this
project a chatbot is build using the deep learning method by using the data. The
machine is made to implant the learning to distinguish the sentences and choosing
itself as reaction to answer a question. The main focus will be on the automatic generation
of conversation “Chat” between a computer and a human by developing an interactive artificial
intelligent agent through the use of natural language processing and deep learning techniques such as Long Short-Term Memory, Gated Recurrent Units and to predict both suitable and automatic response
to customers’ queries

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