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Past years have experienced increasing mortality rate due to lung cancer and thus it
becomes crucial to predict whether the tumor has transformed to cancer or not, if the
prediction is made at an early stage then many lives can be saved and accurate prediction
also can help the doctors start their treatment. Computed tomography plays a vital role in
ensuring the condition of tumor that by checking the size of tumor, location of tumor, etc. In
this paper, we have proposed a framework for prediction of cancer at an early stage so
that many lives that are in an endangered situation could be
revived. Basically, our focus is on two domains of computer science that is Digital Image
Processing acronymed DIP and Machine Learning. Digital image processing is well-known
for the phase of preprocessing the image. In the further stage, the pre-processed image is
exposed to segmentation phase and then the segmented image is passed for feature
extraction and finally the extracted features are trained using machine
classification algorithms like SVM (Support Vector Machines), Random Forest, ANN
(Artificial Neural Network). Based on the classification results obtained, prediction is made
whether the tumor is benign or malignant. The inevitable
parameters such as accuracy, Recall and precision are calculated for determining which
algorithm has the highest predictive accuracy.

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