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Abstract of cloud data project

In the era of cloud computing, ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive data is paramount. This post-graduate project aims to address the challenge of achieving keyword search over dynamic encrypted cloud data with symmetric-key-based verification. The proposed system employs advanced encryption techniques to protect data integrity and confidentiality while allowing efficient keyword search operations.

Existing System:

The current state of the art in cloud security often relies on traditional encryption methods, which may impede the ability to perform dynamic keyword searches on encrypted data. This limitation prompts the need for an innovative approach to maintain data security while enabling flexible and secure search capabilities.

Proposed System:

Our proposed system introduces a novel framework for achieving keyword search over dynamic encrypted data. The system employs symmetric-key-based verification to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the search results. By combining efficient encryption algorithms and robust verification mechanisms, the proposed system aims to strike a balance between security and usability.

System Requirements:


  • Modern multicore processors
  • Adequate RAM for efficient data processing
  • Storage capacity for encrypted data


  • Java Development Kit (JDK)
  • Database management system (e.g., MySQL)
  • Cryptographic libraries for encryption and verification
  • Web server (e.g., Apache Tomcat)


The system adopts a client-server architecture. The client-side is responsible for user interactions and initiating search requests, while the server-side manages the encrypted data, performs keyword searches, and ensures data integrity through symmetric-key-based verification. The architecture is designed to be scalable and adaptable to evolving cloud environments.

Technologies Used:

  • Java for backend development
  • Cryptographic libraries for encryption and verification
  • MySQL for database management
  • Web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) for the user interface
  • Apache Tomcat as the web server

Web User Interface:

The web-based user interface provides a user-friendly platform for interacting with the system. It includes features for initiating keyword searches, viewing search results, and managing encrypted data. The interface is designed to be intuitive and responsive, ensuring a seamless user experience.

In conclusion, this project aims to contribute to the field of cloud security by introducing a robust solution for keyword search over dynamic encrypted data. The integration of symmetric-key-based verification enhances the system’s reliability and ensures that data remains secure in the cloud environment.

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