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With the increasing reliance on cloud storage services for data management,security concerns have become a critical aspect of data storage and retrieval. focusing on developing a Verifiable Semantic Searching Scheme by Optimal Matching over Encrypted Data in the public cloud. The project aims to enhance the security and privacy of sensitive data while enabling efficient semantic search capabilities.

Existing System: The current cloud storage systems often lack robust security measures for sensitive data,

especially during the search and retrieval processes. Traditional encryption techniques may hinder search functionality, leading to performance degradation and usability issues.

Proposed System: Our proposed system leverages Solidity, a programming language for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, to implement a verifiable semantic search scheme.

The system combines homomorphic encryption techniques with semantic search algorithms, allowing users to perform secure searches on encrypted data without compromising privacy.

System Requirements: The proposed system requires a reliable internet connection and access to a public cloud environment, such as AWS or Azure. Users will interact with the system through a web-based interface.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

  • Hardware: Standard computing hardware with internet connectivity.
  • Software: Ethereum blockchain for smart contract deployment, Solidity programming language, and a public cloud infrastructure for encrypted data storage.

Architecture: The system architecture comprises three main components: the user interface, the Ethereum blockchain for smart contract execution, and the public cloud storage for encrypted data. The semantic search algorithm, integrated into the smart contract, facilitates secure and efficient searching over encrypted data.

Technologies Used:

  1. Solidity: Smart contract development for implementing secure search functionalities.
  2. Ethereum Blockchain: Decentralized and tamper-proof execution of smart contracts.
  3. Homomorphic Encryption: Ensures privacy by allowing computations on encrypted data.
  4. Public Cloud Services: Storage and retrieval of encrypted data.

Web User Interface: The web-based user interface provides an intuitive platform for users to interact with the system. It includes features for securely uploading, searching, and retrieving encrypted data. The interface is designed for simplicity and user-friendliness, ensuring a seamless experience for both technical and non-technical users.

semantic search-a-verifiable-semantic-searching-scheme-by-optimal-matching-over-encrypted-data-in-public-cloud, project

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