click here to download project abstract of object detection

click here to download project abstract

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Introduction: In the realm of aerial surveillance, the integration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for this and person tracking has emerged as a transformative technology.

Person Tracking Algorithm: The person tracking algorithm employed in this study combines outputs with tracking-by-detection techniques.

Data Collection and Preprocessing: A crucial aspect of this research involves the acquisition of diverse UAV aerial images representing real-world scenarios. The dataset encompasses urban, suburban, and rural environments, ensuring the model’s adaptability. Preprocessing techniques, including both image normalization and augmentation, are applied to enhance the model’s robustness against environmental variations.

Model Training and Evaluation: The selected model undergoes rigorous training using the prepared dataset. Evaluation metrics such as Intersection over Union (IoU) and precision-recall curves assess the model’s accuracy and reliability. Transfer learning from pre-trained models facilitates quicker convergence and improved performance.

Results and Discussion: The results showcase the efficacy of our approach, demonstrating high accuracy in both object detection and person tracking across diverse settings. The discussion section critically analyzes the strengths and limitations of the model, providing insights for further improvements.

Practical Applications: Beyond its theoretical contributions, this research emphasizes the practical applications of UAV-based and person tracking. Thus These applications include search and rescue operations, surveillance in densely populated areas, and monitoring large-scale events.

Conclusion: In conclusion, this study showcases the potential of UAV aerial images in advancing object detection and person tracking. Future work may explore real-time implementations and scalability for widespread deployment in various operational contexts.

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