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An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system which is a
branch of computer vision and in turn a sub-class of Artificial Intelligence.
Optical character recognition is the translation of optically scanned bitmaps
of printed or hand written text into audio output by usingof Raspberry Pi.
OCRs developed for many world languages are already under efficient use.
Thismethod extracts moving object region by a mixture-of-Gaussians-based
background subtraction method. A text localization and recognition are
conducted to acquire text information. To automatically localize the text
regions from the object, a text localization and Tesseract algorithm by
learning gradient features of stroke orientations and distributions of edge
pixels in an Ada boost model. Text characters in the localized text regions
are then binaries
and recognized by off-the-shelf optical character
recognition software. The recognized text codes are output to blind users in
speech. Performance of the proposed text localization algorithm. As the
recognition process is completed, the character codes in the text file are
processed using Raspberry pi device on which recognize character using
Tesseract algorithm and python programming, the audio output is listened.

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