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Introduction: Firstly Gender classification is a fundamental aspect of human interaction, and with the advancements in computer vision technology, it has found a niche in the realm of artificial intelligence. This abstract delves into the innovative approach of classifying human gender based on facial features, showcasing its potential impact on various industries.

Methodology: The proposed methodology involves collecting a diverse dataset of facial images, encompassing various age groups, ethnicities, and expressions.

Significance: The significance of this research lies in its potential applications across multiple domains. From personalized marketing strategies to enhancing security systems, an accurate gender classification model can play a pivotal role. Additionally, this technology could contribute to the development of inclusive applications sensitive to diverse user demographics.

Challenges and Solutions: While challenges such as variations in facial expressions and lighting conditions may arise, the model will be fine-tuned to handle such complexities.

Conclusion: In conclusion, this research endeavors to contribute to the evolving field of computer vision by introducing an effective and efficient approach to human gender classification through facial analysis. The anticipated outcome is a model that not only showcases high accuracy but also demonstrates the potential for broader societal applications.

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