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We provide abstract of cnn in machine learning in this paper.

Introduction: In the contemporary digital landscape, crowdsourcing has emerged as a powerful approach for solving complex problems through collective intelligence.

CNN Integration: The integration of CNNs into the crowdsourcing framework brings a paradigm shift, leveraging the robust capabilities of deep learning in image and pattern recognition.

Task Assignment and Image Analysis: Simultaneously, the CNN analyzes image-based submissions from contributors, extracting valuable insights and patterns that contribute to the overall decision-making process.

Quality Assurance and Feedback Loop: To maintain the integrity of crowdsourced data, a feedback loop is established through the CNN. This iterative process ensures continuous improvement and aligns the collective effort with the desired outcomes.

Enhanced Decision-Making: Thus By infusing CNNs into the crowdsourcing ecosystem, this approach enhances decision-making by synthesizing diverse perspectives and extracting nuanced information from visual data.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the integration of CNNs into crowdsourcing mechanisms offers a sophisticated and efficient means of harnessing collective intelligence. So The application of CNNs in crowdsourcing presents a transformative avenue for tackling complex challenges through the power of collaborative decision-making.

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