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We Provide abstract of cnn algorithm in machine learning in this paper.

Introduction: This study addresses the growing need for accurate and efficient dermatological diagnosis through the application of machine learning techniques. Leveraging machine learning, this research focuses on automating the segmentation process to enhance diagnostic accuracy and streamline healthcare workflows.

Data Acquisition and Preprocessing: The research begins with the collection of a diverse dataset encompassing various dermatological conditions and their corresponding images. hence This curated dataset serves as the foundation for training and evaluating machine learning models.

Performance Evaluation: To gauge the effectiveness of the developed model, comprehensive performance evaluations are conducted using metrics such as precision, recall, and Dice coefficient. These metrics provide insights into the model’s ability to accurately identify and segment dermatological manifestations, contributing to the overall diagnostic precision.

Clinical Integration and Impact: Thus The final stage of this research involves the integration of the developed model into clinical settings.

Conclusion: This research pioneers an innovative approach to dermatological manifestation segmentation, leveraging the power of machine learning for enhanced diagnostic capabilities. so By automating the segmentation process, healthcare practitioners can benefit from a more efficient and accurate diagnosis, ultimately improving patient outcomes and advancing the field of dermatological care.

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