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The project aims to design and implement a novel service mechanism using Solidity, targeting profit optimizations for both cloud providers and their users. In the current cloud computing landscape, traditional service models often lack flexibility and transparency, resulting in suboptimal resource allocation and cost inefficiencies. This project proposes an innovative approach leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts to enhance service delivery in cloud environments.

Existing System: The current cloud service models often operate on fixed pricing structures and lack dynamic adaptability. Resource allocation is typically rigid, leading to underutilization or overuse, affecting both the cloud provider’s profit margins and user costs. Additionally, the lack of transparency in pricing models can hinder users from making informed decisions.

Proposed System: The proposed system introduces a decentralized and transparent service mechanism. Smart contracts, written in Solidity, facilitate dynamic resource allocation based on real-time demand and supply metrics. The system optimizes profit for cloud providers by efficiently allocating resources, while users benefit from cost-effective services and greater control over resource utilization.

System Requirements of Cloud providers project

  • Ethereum blockchain network for smart contract execution.
  • Solidity compiler for writing and deploying smart contracts.
  • Decentralized storage for recording transaction and resource usage data.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

  • Ethereum-compatible nodes for decentralized network participation.
  • Web3-enabled browser for interacting with the decentralized application.
  • Adequate server infrastructure for hosting the cloud services.


The architecture comprises three main components: the Ethereum blockchain for smart contract execution, a decentralized storage layer for data recording, and a cloud service layer for resource provisioning. Smart contracts handle the negotiation, execution, and monitoring of services, ensuring transparency and security.

Technologies Used:

  • Solidity: For writing smart contracts that define the rules of service execution.
  • Ethereum Blockchain: As the decentralized and secure platform for smart contract execution.
  • Web3.js: To enable communication between the decentralized application and the Ethereum blockchain.

Web User Interface:

The user interface provides a user-friendly dashboard where cloud users can monitor their resource usage, costs, and adjust service parameters in real-time. The interface interacts with the Ethereum blockchain through Web3.js, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

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