This paper presents a detailed simulation study conducted in NS2 (Network Simulator 2) to assess the performance of the Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol in a wireless network environment. The simulation scenario includes 100 wireless nodes, 25 connections using both TCP and Constant Bit Rate (CBR) protocols, and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) traffic, providing a comprehensive evaluation of AODV under diverse network conditions.

The research focuses on key performance metrics such as packet delivery ratio, end-to-end delay, throughput, and energy consumption. By varying parameters such as mobility patterns, node density, and traffic load, the study explores the resilience and scalability of AODV in managing communication within a dynamic and resource-constrained wireless network.

Detailed insights into the protocol’s behavior are extracted through extensive NS2 simulations, enabling the identification of strengths and limitations in various scenarios. The impact of AODV on the network’s efficiency and reliability is analyzed, shedding light on its suitability for applications with varying requirements, such as multimedia streaming and data transfer.

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