This paper introduces a new cryptographic algorithm, leveraging the synergy between ASCII values and Gray Code, to enhance information security in digital communication. The proposed algorithm, termed AGC (ASCII and Gray Code), capitalizes on the unique characteristics of both ASCII values and Gray Code to create a robust encryption scheme.

The algorithm initiates with the conversion of the plaintext into ASCII representations, establishing the foundation for subsequent encryption stages. The innovative integration of Gray Code into the algorithm involves encoding the ASCII values using Gray Code, introducing a dynamic and non-linear transformation to the data. This dual-layered approach enhances the complexity of the encryption process, fortifying the algorithm against various cryptographic attacks.

The paper provides a comprehensive exploration of the theoretical foundations of ASCII values and Gray Code, elucidating their collaborative application within the AGC algorithm. Security analyses, including resistance against common cryptographic attacks, are conducted to evaluate the algorithm’s robustness. Additionally, performance metrics, such as computational efficiency and encryption/decryption speed, are assessed to gauge the practical viability of the proposed approach.

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