This paper introduces a novel cryptographic algorithm that employs character position-based mapping in conjunction with numerical conversions to enhance the security of information transmission. The proposed algorithm integrates the inherent characteristics of character positions within a message with numerical representations, creating a dynamic and adaptable encryption mechanism.

The algorithm begins by mapping each character in the plaintext to its respective position within the message. This character position information is then subjected to numerical transformations based on a user-defined key. The numerical conversions introduce complexity and variability, contributing to the algorithm’s resilience against cryptographic attacks. The interplay between character positions and numerical values forms a unique mapping, bolstering the overall security of the encryption process.

The theoretical foundations of character position-based mapping and numerical conversions are explored in detail, elucidating their collaborative application within the cryptographic algorithm. Security analyses encompassing resistance to common cryptographic attacks and vulnerabilities are conducted to evaluate the algorithm’s robustness. Additionally, performance metrics such as computational efficiency and encryption/decryption speed are assessed to gauge the practical viability of the proposed approach.

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