This paper presents a novel approach to enhance the security of the Hill Cipher algorithm by integrating the Playfair Cipher in the generation of the encryption matrix key. The Hill Cipher, known for its mathematical rigor, relies on a key matrix for encryption and decryption. The proposed method introduces an innovative technique involving the application of the Playfair Cipher to generate a secure and dynamic key matrix for use in the Hill Cipher algorithm.

The key generation process begins with the Playfair Cipher, which provides a mechanism for producing a matrix key based on a user-defined keyphrase. The resulting matrix undergoes a transformation to meet the requirements of the Hill Cipher, ensuring it is invertible for decryption. This hybrid approach aims to leverage the strengths of both ciphers, enhancing the overall security and cryptographic robustness of the Hill Cipher.

The paper delves into the theoretical foundations of the Hill Cipher and Playfair Cipher, detailing their integration and the adaptation of the key matrix for compatibility. Security analyses, including the resistance against common cryptographic attacks, are conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed method. Additionally, the computational efficiency of the hybrid approach is examined to assess its practical feasibility.

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