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This project is about an Online Crime Record Management System a web-based application that
provides a facility for storing online crimes. Crime may be a part of outlaw activities in human life.
We want to create an online crime record management system software that is well accessible
to the general police. Nowadays, many of the crimes committed were unreported to the authorities.
In addition, it would be easier for the complainant to report a witnessed crime without the fear of
getting involved in the problems because of the security that only the authorized user can see the
report. The main purpose of developing the online crime record management system is for the
welfare and safety of the public.

The main idea is to implement an automated software application
for maintaining the proper common people complaints of different police departments. It was
developed to help police record crime types they receive at their stations daily. The system
can be accessed by 3 types of system users. The Administrator user is in charge of managing the
list of the staff/users and also can manage the list of cases. The NCO/Non-commissioned officer is
in charge of managing the complaints and assigning the case to the specific CID. The CID/Criminal
Investigation Department Officer is in charge of managing the investigation details of the cases
assigned to them.


1.1 Overview

The crime record management system can help in storing the records related to the criminals, cases,
complaint records, case history and so on. This can allow a person to enter or delete the records
if necessary. All these records can be maintained in a single database. Security is maintained to ensure that only authorized users will have access to the system. This application will be
one of the useful projects that the police can rely on. This website can help in getting the
information of the criminals of many years back. It can also help in minimizing most of the work
of the police

1.2 Problem Definition

Easy access where the police can easily see the details of the case history from anywhere
anytime. Retrieving old crime records is very time-consuming because we need to look at all the
files to check them one by one. Reduces the manual work.

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