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Roads are the main mode for transportation, now a days. As we use roads heavily and frequently it sometimes leads to potholes. Environmental factors also leads to potholes in several ways. These potholes are main reason for many accidents. A Scheduled and proper maintenance is required where we need to monitor each and every road. AS this maintenance of all the roads at a time is not possible because it is not easy to monitor every single place or just because people ignore to check which causes formation of potholes that causes unnecessary traffic and many of accidents. To monitor all the roads this project for pothole detection using image processing techniques implemented. To test the performance of the proposed system is going to be implemented in a linux environment using Open CV Library. Techniques of Image processing which detects the potholes on roads and save the data of pothole for road maintenance department. This helps in keeping manual labour to the minimum number. Canny Edge Detecting technique and alone with the Contour Detecting Technique are techniques of Image Processing we use in the proposed system. Hough transformation technique in the end gives effective output of potholes, very accurately.

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