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A smart waste bin when combined with an efficient routing algorithm and a good central management helps to create a very well organized, effective dynamic waste management system. This project introduces an innovative way of using out a smart integrated sensing system that will help to automate the waste management process that includes the collection. Major problem in the system is to plan the pickup the bins that are ready. In this project, a heuristic algorithm is developed to solve this capacitated arc routing problem (CARP) considering multiple trips for the available vehicles, capacity of the vehicle, capacity of the bins to be collected and crew‘s working time. The objective function of the proposed model aims to minimize total traversed distance and total usage cost of vehicles. This information can be linked with municipality web server for immediate action. The waste bins are tracked by a unique number which represents its location. This proposed model gives all information related to physical condition of a particular bin and can easily reach the corresponding authority. The whole information is interconnected with a server- based web-information system at the host server. Also a central management helps the admin to authorize the drivers the routes and all other admin capabilities. The
best route proposed by this system once approved by the admin will be sent to the assigned drivers for pickup.

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