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In today’s Modern Age, where everything we do is tracked by someone or
the other by legal or illegal means. Privacy and data security is a major concern for
many. Leaked Passwords, Images, or messages cause a lot of trouble for many
people. These leaks could happen via System hack, People taking screenshots,
unauthorized person reading text within your system (Shared PC). The website
WallPart (intentionally not linked to) claims to be “the world’s largest online shop of
posters…with over 10 billion images.” What they do not tell you is that their database
is filled with stolen and copyrighted images from photographers around the world.
Leaked Passwords lead to many compromised accounts all over the world. Even
One-One messages are being seen by some 3rd party over the internet.

Almost 4 out of 5 online users have same password for almost all the webIDs.
This leads to a hectic security issue which the service provider face, be it google or
Facebook. They are big tech giants and can still give provident security to the users,
but not every webId is secure from cyber-attacks. We must not take this lightly that
someone can breech our webId and take our personal data. Hackers need not to
attack the most secure webId like Gmail or yahoo, but any other id i.e. that has the
same password because it’s convenient to have a common password. hackers
make use of this common mistake every web user do. That is to have a common
password everywhere. They can retrieve password from less secure webId and then
use them to access strongly secure sites. We can avoid it, web vulnerability, by
having many and multiple password on all WebId.

These are some of the problems that we may face one day. In order to
overcome such problems faced by the technology users the SecureVault (Data
security software) Window PC based application is not only Intuitive in use but also
plays a pivotal role in privacy security. This Secure Vault software serves the
purpose of storing multiple password just by remembering one password to login in
the software, By using this software, it is easy we can have multiple Passwords on
various webID, just having one unique VaultID and a simple secure password for
the software, can provide a person a great edge of security in the world of internet.

This Project aims to provide a safe and easy way to store passwords,
Messages and Images, Thus Protecting the privacy of User in windows
Environment. Existing softwares either are expensive or does not contain all the
features in one container which is not convenient for any user. The online tools pose
a risk of data being stolen and many users mistrust Cloud Storage. This Project
proposes to solve this by providing an offline software with all the features of text
and image encryption. It also provides an encrypted way of sharing the information.
This Software achieve this by using various cryptographic algorithm such as RSA,
AES and substitution ciphers. This software can successfully store the information
on the device and is capable of retrieving it to 100% accuracy. The Software takes
at max 100MB of RAM space even while doing heavy computations. This Software
can handle text of 100MB and Images of JPG and PNG type, which are the most
common format for images. It performs good even on old end laptop that supports
x64 windows operating system.

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