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Facing a large number of personal photos and limited resource of mobile devices,
cloud plays an important role in photo storing, sharing and searching. Meanwhile,
some recent reputation damage and stalk events caused by photo leakage
increase people’s concern about photo privacy.
Images are becoming one of the key enablers of user connectivity in social media
applications. Many of them are directly exploring image content to suggest new
friends with similar interests. To handle the explosive volumes of images, one
common trend is to leverage the public cloud as their robust service backend.
Despite the convenience, exposing content-rich images to the cloud inevitably
raises acute privacy concerns. In this paper, we propose a privacy-preserving
architecture for image-centric social discovery services, designed to function over
encrypted images.
The proposed system is a new technique by using multi-secret sharing as the
underlying encryption, which indeed induces a blow-up issue of the key size. For
preserving the efficiency of the key size, we apply a compression by using
lightweight cryptographic algorithms. This scheme based on the proposed
techniques, and show effectiveness, efficiency, and security by experiments and

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