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The estimation of multivariate distributions of from high dimensional data with low
sample size is at the core of many image analysis applications. The proposed system
estimates a multivariate Gaussian distribution of diffusion tensor features in a set of
brain regions. This distribution is used to identify the imaging abnormalities in subjects
with brain injury.
Based on endogenous optical scattering signals provided by OCT imaging, we have
developed a single, integrated imaging platform enabling the measurement of changes
in blood perfusion, blood flow, erythrocyte velocity, and light attenuation within cortical
tissue, during focal cerebral ischemia in a mouse model. During the acute phase (from
5 minutes to the first few hours following blood occlusion), the multi-parametric OCT
imaging revealed multiple hemodynamic and tissue scattering responses in vivo,
including cerebral blood flow deficits, capillary non-perfusion, displacement of
penetrating vessels, and increased light attenuation in the cortical tissue at risk that are
spatially correlated with the infarct core, as determined by postmortem staining with
triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC).

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