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We aim to design and create a product rental app that enables the user to rent a product with people in their neighbourhood or require a service so that the product can be used by the requestor. This system could also help in building an amicable relationship among the neighbours and solve the problem of people not owning non-essential things readily.


Renting and exchanging goods is a method of using technology to bring people together” despite the geographical barriers The technology has been available for years but the acceptance of it was quite recent. Our project is to make neighbourhoods close and earn money. It is made up of flutter made by Google. When we post the product, other users can get the notification. If they have the product they can communicate with the user. Some may give the product for free rental for the neighbourhoods or pay service, the user can choose it. First This app sends the notification to a 6 km radius from the user’s given location. This app was designed to be very user-friendly. This software can have a further presence, such as delivering the product, and map location.

I am resolving the names of all the systems connected in a network and enlisting them.
● Used for communication between multiple systems enlisted in the resolved list.
● The GUI operates in two forms, the IST form & the chat form.
● The List form contains the names of all the systems connected to a network.
● The chat form makes the actual communication possible in the form of text.
Advantage :
● User friendly
● Fast replay
● More clients can use it at a time
● Cross-platform
Disadvantage :

● Can see posts of only nearby location
● Some products cannot be rented

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