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In the game of football (soccer), the evaluation of players for transfer, scouting, squad
formation and strategic planning is important. However, due to the vast pool of grassroots
level player, short career span, differing performance throughout the individual’s career,
differing play conditions, positions and varying club budgets, it becomes difficult to
identify the individual player’s performance value altogether. Our Player Performance
Prediction system aims at solving this complex problem analytically and involves learning
from various attributes and skills of a football player. It considers the skill set values of the
football player and predicts the performance value, which depicts the scope of
improvement and the capability of the player. The objective of this system is to help the
coaches and team management at the grassroots as well as higher levels to identify the
future prospects in the game of football without being biased to subjective conditions like
club budget, competitiveness in the league, and importance of the player in the team or
region. Our system is based on a data-driven approach and we train our models to generate
an appropriate holistic relationship between the players’ attributes values, market value and
performance value to be predicted. These values are dependent on the position that the
football player plays in and the skills they possess.

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