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In the realm of public health, predicting child mortality plays a pivotal role in shaping effective intervention strategies. This study harnesses the power of machine learning to create a robust predictive model for child mortality, providing a proactive approach to address this critical issue.

Introduction: The first section delves into the urgency of the problem, emphasizing the need for accurate and timely predictions to guide targeted healthcare interventions. Child mortality, a global concern, demands innovative solutions to reduce its prevalence.

Feature Selection: An essential aspect of the study involves both identifying and selecting the most influential features contributing to child mortality. so Through advanced techniques, the model focuses on key variables, optimizing predictive accuracy.

Model Development: In this phase, a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm is employed to train the model. Active learning methodologies empower the model to continually refine its predictions, adapting to evolving healthcare landscapes.

Validation and Evaluation: Metrics such as precision, recall, and F1 score gauge the model’s ability to accurately predict child mortality, ensuring its reliability in real-world scenarios.

Results and Implications: thus The study culminates in presenting the model’s outcomes, shedding light on its predictive prowess.

Conclusion: In conclusion, this research demonstrates the viability of machine learning in predicting child mortality. hence The proactive nature of the model equips stakeholders with valuable insights, paving the way for evidence-based strategies to safeguard the well-being of vulnerable populations.

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