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In the realm of technological evolution, sophisticated scientific advancements continuously redefine human capabilities across various sectors. Among these, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) stands as a critical domain driving the digitization of printed materials, catalyzing the transition from physical documentation to digital archiving. However, a persistent gap remains in the recognition of handwritten characters—Handwritten Character Recognition (HCR)—which demands attention in the age of rapid digitization.

Addressing this gap, a groundbreaking project emerges, focusing on devising an algorithm specifically tailored for the recognition of handwritten English characters using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). Unlike traditional OCR systems primarily adept at recognizing computer or typewriter-printed characters, this innovation centers on HCR, bridging the chasm between handwritten content and digital storage.

The proposed algorithm harnesses the power of Artificial Neural Networks, integrating advanced feature extraction techniques to discern the intricate nuances of handwritten characters. Through meticulous implementation and iterative enhancements, the algorithm demonstrates a remarkable persistency rate, achieving character recognition accuracy exceeding 90%.

This pioneering approach not only signifies a significant stride in HCR but also embodies the spirit of continual improvement within OCR techniques. By navigating the complexities of handwritten script, this algorithm holds the potential to revolutionize document digitization, automated transcription, and information archival processes.

In essence, the development of this novel HCR algorithm underscores the relentless pursuit of technological innovation. Its success in surpassing the 90% recognition threshold marks a significant milestone, not only in advancing character recognition but also in fortifying the bridge between analogue and digital realms, propelling us closer to a future where handwritten content seamlessly integrates into the digital fabric of society.

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