to download project abstract of cnn algorithm

to download project abstract of cnn algorithm

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We provide cnn algorithm in this paper.

The existing methods for facilitating text access for visually impaired individuals, such as Braille or even current OCR (Optical Character Recognition) systems, have limitations that hinder their practicality and effectiveness. Braille, while a crucial tool, presents challenges in speed and usability. Additionally, conventional OCR systems require full-fledged computers, rendering them less efficient for certain applications.

In response to these limitations, the proposed system aims to revolutionize text accessibility for the visually impaired by introducing a low-cost, automatic solution. This system not only converts printed text into digital format but also offers audio output, enabling individuals to listen to the text in real-time.

The system’s core algorithm is designed to handle complex backgrounds and multiple patterns, ensuring accurate extraction of text information from various sources, including handheld objects and nearby signage. Leveraging Python and OpenCV, the system’s architecture involves a three-component grid infrastructure: a scanner for input, OCR hardware or software for text recognition, and an output interface for audio output.

The intended audience for this innovative OCR system encompasses research and development entities in scientific organizations, governmental institutes, and large business enterprises. These stakeholders, either directly or indirectly involved in implementing such systems, can benefit significantly from the advancement in text accessibility technology.

Moreover, the proposed system’s utility extends to enhancing accessibility in educational institutions, libraries, and everyday life, empowering visually impaired individuals to access printed materials efficiently and independently. This innovation not only addresses a critical need but also aligns with global initiatives for inclusivity and accessibility.

Hand written recognition using modified CNN algorithm - cnn algorithm
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