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Agriculture stands as a pivotal pillar of the Indian economy. However, a prevalent challenge faced by Indian farmers revolves around the selection of appropriate crops aligned with their soil characteristics. This misalignment often leads to a significant decline in productivity. To address this pressing issue, precision agriculture emerges as a transformative solution. By leveraging modern farming techniques and harnessing research data encompassing soil attributes, types, and crop yield insights, precision agriculture aims to guide farmers towards optimal crop choices tailored to their specific land conditions.

Our project stands at the forefront of this revolution, focusing on the development of an intelligent system designed explicitly to aid Indian farmers in making well-informed decisions regarding crop selection. By amalgamating information on sowing seasons, geographical location, and detailed soil characteristics, our system intends to offer personalized recommendations. These recommendations will empower farmers to cultivate crops best suited to their land, thereby minimizing the risk of selecting unsuitable crops and subsequently amplifying productivity.

Moreover, our system goes beyond mere crop suggestions. It integrates predictive capabilities to estimate the potential yield if the recommended crop is planted. This feature equips farmers with crucial foresight, allowing them to anticipate and plan for their future harvests with greater accuracy and confidence.

Agriculture stands as a cornerstone of the Indian economy, yet many farmers grapple with a critical challenge: selecting the most suitable crop based on their soil’s needs. This dilemma significantly impacts productivity. By integrating this information, it guides farmers toward optimal crop choices, tailored to their specific land parameters.

Our initiative focuses on crafting an intelligent system designed to empower Indian farmers in making informed decisions regarding crop selection. The primary goal is to eliminate the pitfalls of choosing unsuitable crops, ultimately enhancing both productivity and sustainability.

 This endeavor not only uplifts individual farmers but also contributes to the larger canvas of agricultural growth in India. It’s an integration of both innovation and practicality, aimed at transforming the agricultural landscape and bolstering the nation’s agricultural prosperity.

Artificial Neural Network(ANN), K Nearest Neighbors(KNN), and  Regularized Greedy Forest(RGF)

Keywords: Precision Agriculture, yield prediction.

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