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Health is the most important in every human’s life. Weekly or monthly check up of
one’s health is most important for the prevention and also to stay healthy. Nowadays,
the individual is not having that much time to go for health check-up. Recently, due to
covid-19, no one are willing to go to hospital for health check-up due to the fear of
spreading virus. In this situation, technology plays and important role. In this project, we
have used Machine Learning. Machine Learning is the study of computer algorithms
that improve automatically from the previous experience. It is widely used nowadays
and it is the most efficient domain in health care. We will develop a GUI to get the
symptoms from the user. The models used in this project are Naive Bayes and Decision
Tree. The output is the disease, the accuracy of model, its definition and the treatment
of the particular disease based on the symptoms given by the individual. As we all know
the saying which tells that “Prevention of the disease at an early stage is much better
than the cure which we take after we get affected by the disease”. This project shows
detailed explanation of how to find the diseases from symptoms, so that the individual
can contact the respective doctor and stay healthy at an early stage.


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