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This work aims to enhance and tried to analyze and predict the price of a Bitcoin by taking some parameters into consideration. After a huge research taking all the parameters which affect the bitcoin value and identified daily changes in the bitcoin market. In this work all the data consists of different features over the past few year’s daily records. This project is started by gaining all the information that all are needed to predict the bitcoin price. All the information was collected from the past few years and implemented the data into this project. In this work Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithm is used as it gives much more accuracy better than previous algorithms. This study predicts sign of change in the price of bitcoin to the investors so that they can invest in this easily and also for the new-comers to this market or business.


Bitcoin is an open-source, peer-to-peer digital currency. Among many other things, what makes Bitcoin unique is that it is the world’s first completely decentralized digital-payments system. This may sound complicated, but the
underlying concepts are not difficult to understand. Crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin, are one of the most controversial and complex technological innovations in today’s financial system. From the past few years bitcoin is one of the trending in the market more than the stocks. The value of a bitcoin (or BTC) has grown and fluctuated greatly, from pennies in its early days to more than $260 at its peak in April 2013. The current market capitalization of the bitcoin economy is estimated to be more than $1 billion.

Fig : Bitcoin

A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange (currency) that is digital in form, nongovernmental, and relies on cryptography for its security (Investopedia, 2018).It is the latter component of the definition that gives cryptocurrency its name. The vast majority of currency in the world comes in the form of exchangeable
units that are issued and have their value controlled by governments. Nations will either allow their currency to float freely on the market, where the value derives in part from supply and demand, and is backed by the ability of that state to raise revenues. These are considered to be the strongest currencies. Other currencies have values that are fixed by the state – as a medium of exchange those official values may or may not reflect the ability of the state to raise funds, but the value is enforceable by law regardless.

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