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We’ve had some tough times where we desperately need help and didn’t know
where to seek or whom to ask. In this modern era, there are millions of people who
voluntarily like to give hands to support others. Thankfully, this digital era has
made that possible. With the boom of social media, giving and seeking support
during life-challenging moments has become quite easy. Also, we see some
people misusing this and can see plenty of cyber thefts and fraudulent activities.
Many helping hands have been reduced due to many unauthenticated WhatsApp
& social media message forwards. Sometimes, this also leads to a lack of support
for the people who genuinely need help. This is an easy-to-use online tool to give
and seek support during life-challenging moments. It is an interactive web
application between the recipient who seeks support and the helper who gives
support. The recipient can post the requirements and details will be posted only
after thorough verification. The helper can give support and if he/she finds that
particular post/story needs immediate attention, they can vote for it for a better
reach. The recipient will be able to update the status of the story so that fellow
users can keep track of this. There are a lot of features like that on this application
that is user-friendly. We’ve used MEAN stack technology for developing this

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