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With the rise of development around software engineering, humanity hasn’t
implemented enhancements that we can use for visually impaired people. With the
development of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, engineers can
use to infuse “intelligence” even in dumb computers and with the ease of accessibility,
we can extend this “intelligence” to our smartphones to help the visually impaired
people understand their surroundings and receive a helping hand during their day-to-
day activities.

Our mobile application bridges the gap between visually impaired people and the
visual world by leveraging the power of Deep Learning which can be made accessible
even on low-end devices with a lucid User-Interface that allows them to better
understand the world around them.

Our primary purpose is to leverage and study how Deep Learning architecture and
easy prototyping tools can help us develop applications that we can quickly render,
even on low-end devices. With this application, we aim to have a one-stop solution to
allow blind or partially blind People to understand their surroundings better and cope
with the dynamic world ahead of them artificial intelligence powered.

Our mobile application allows the Users to leverage Image Captioning Architecture to
generate real-time insight into their surroundings while using Natural Language
Processing to speak out lucidly. The cornerstone of our mobile application is its User
Interface which would infuse a lucid experience for the User with its ease of handling
and use.

Experience empowerment through innovation with our AI-driven mobile app tailored for the visually impaired. Seamlessly navigate the world with real-time object recognition, voice guidance, and intuitive assistance. Our application harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to describe surroundings, read texts aloud, and provide interactive, accessible features for independent living. Embrace freedom as our technology enhances daily routines, facilitates easy communication, and fosters inclusivity. Join us in revolutionizing accessibility, transforming challenges into opportunities for a more connected and empowered visually impaired community.

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