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Roads are viewed as the fundamental method of transportation. Nonetheless, because of the substantial gridlock, these roads require framework upkeep. Frequently this support isn’t done on the grounds that it is difficult to control anyplace or on account of obliviousness. This prompts a pothole, which leads to and fro and causes a great deal of mishaps. This paper examined how to recognize potholes with the assistance of a camera mounted on a light strip. The picture handling strategy utilized, was informed to BMC authorities without really wasting any time utilizing an electronic framework to diminish difficult work. To test its presentation, the gave framework was carried out in Windows utilizing a CV library. To recognize potholes, straightforward picture handling innovation is utilized, for example, form discovery and Hough changes. Keywords-Pothole, Open CV, Python, image processing.

Potholes are the biggest problem facing by the people who regularly moves from one place to another for their work purposes or for other reasons using vehicles through roads. Considering the present situation caused by covid-19 the governments are facing challenges to continuously monitor the roads, so it causes the pot holes to go not notified and leads to many accidents. Many analysts regularly use understanding and strolling strategies to recognize potholes. Recognizing and counting potholes utilizing diverse drawing strategies can help separate between various kinds of ways. potholes acknowledgment incorporates an assortment of handling strategies like distinguishing proof, supernatural, picture channels, picture disengagement, and mix techniques like K-Means and Fuzzy C-Means. In the present technology driven world, the detection of pot holes can be done using many techniques. Few of them are Image processing techniques like considering thresh hold values for the potholes and processing through some steps to detect and Blob analysis also used for detection, where the pot holes ae detected by considering the color of the image and there are some more techniques in image processing like edge detection and considering discolorations. Some other methods for finding the pot holes are by using various machine learning algorithm like the SVM and the same can be done by using deep learning algorithms like using CNN , YOLO etc. Some papers showed the use of accelerometer, sensors for the detection.

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