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We provided cloud computing security in this paper. Your health care provider may be moving from paper records to electronic health records or may be using EHRs already. EHRs allow providers to use information more effectively to improve the quality and efficiency of your care, but EHRs will not change the privacy protections or security safeguards that apply to your health information. This project focuses on developing secure cloud framework for evolving and accessing trusted computing services in all levels of public cloud deployment model. Thus, eliminates both internal and external security threats. These results in achieving data confidentiality, data integrity, authentication and authorization, eliminating both active and passive attacks from cloud network environment. To develop a secure cloud framework for accessing trusted computing and storage services in all levels of public cloud deployment model.

In an era where privacy and data security are paramount, the concept of an “Anonymous Data Sharing Scheme in Public Cloud” stands as a pivotal innovation, particularly when applied to the sensitive domain of E-Health Records (EHRs). This groundbreaking paradigm facilitates the secure exchange of medical information within a public cloud infrastructure while preserving the anonymity and confidentiality of individual patients.

At its core, this scheme employs advanced encryption techniques and secure protocols to anonymize personal health data, transforming it into an encoded format inaccessible to unauthorized entities. Leveraging the expansive capabilities of a public cloud environment, it enables seamless collaboration among healthcare providers, researchers, and stakeholders without compromising the privacy of patients. Through this approach, vital medical information can be shared, aggregated, and analyzed to derive valuable insights for advancing healthcare services and treatments.

The amalgamation of anonymous data sharing within a public cloud structure significantly augments the efficiency and efficacy of healthcare systems. This innovation not only streamlines the exchange of critical information but also fosters a collaborative ecosystem, fostering advancements in medical research, personalized treatments, and improved patient care, all while upholding stringent data privacy regulations and ethical considerations.

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