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    We are provided study artificial intelligence in this paper. Crime analysis and prediction is a systematic approach for identifying the crime. This  system can predict regions which have high probability for crime occurrences and visualize crime prone areas. Using the concept of data mining we can extract previously unknown, useful information from unstructured data. The extraction of new information is predicted using the existing datasets. Crimes are treacherous and common social problems faced worldwide. Crimes affect the quality of life, economic growth and reputation of a nation. With the aim of securing the society from crimes, there is a need for advanced systems and new approaches for improving the crime analytics for protecting their communities. Propose a system which can analyze, detect, and predict various crime probability in a given region. Explains various types of criminal analysis and crime prediction using several data mining techniques study artificial intelligence.
  • Day by day crime data rate is increasing because the modern technologies and hi-tech
  • methods are helps the criminals to achieving the illegal activities .according to Crime
  • Record Bureau crimes like burglary, arson etc have been increased while crimes like
  • murder, sex, abuse, gang rap etc have been increased. crime data will be collected from
  • various blogs, news and websites. The huge data is used as a record for creating a
  • crime report database. The knowledge which is acquired from the data mining
  • techniques will help in reducing crimes as it helps in finding the culprits faster and also
  • the areas that are most affected by crime .
  • This system gives the most trending technology-based skills used at the present. To
  • help police to detect the crime type based on location. Provides the user with the
  • technology he is saving a life and saves a lot of time. Html (Hypertext Markup
  • Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) are two of the core technologies for
  • building Web pages.
ANALYSIS OF CRIME USING MACHINE LEARNING-study artificial intelligence
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