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Alumni portal is providing common platform for every institute. This project is aimed at developing an interactive system for the alumni of particular college. The proposed system will help alumni and the concern institution to create strong bounding through sharing their experiences, views, ideas, guidance, motivation inputs and strategies. A system that will be able to manage alumni data of an institution and provide easy access to
secure information at both ends. This portal highlights the feature of communication, which will enable the current students to have interaction with the alumni of the college for getting various updates regarding job opportunities like industrial trends and industrial events etc. The proposed  system will be developed with an open source platform on web. This will help the user to access the portal from any location. Few of the required web design packages will be developed for better understanding. Various reporting formats can be generated based on filtering strategies. The admin panel will has all the rights to control the complete operation of system and implement add ons if required in future. The system will automatically list all alumni information their graduation and their status will be transferred from the student module to the alumni module.

Alumni associations play an essential role in higher education institutions, as they provide networking opportunities and contact between the university and the alumni or among the alumni. However, the lack of communication between the alumni, faculty and the department as a whole leading to the lack of updated data of alumni hinders the effective development of an alumni association. The lack of data update can be tied to disinterest or ignorance of the alumni about the potential of an alumni association to promote a professional network, academic and even personal relationships. Similarly, the need for an effective system to maintain these records and to update them frequently becomes increasingly pressing as the number of students enrolled in the campus continues to increase. One of the ways to consolidate the relationship between alumni and educational institutions is to create a virtual and interactive portal to provide useful information to the alumni to help extend the contact between the alumni and the university to beyond the period of course completion, regardless of geographic location or time.

ALUMNI PORTAL-alumni portal
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