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Air quality is a global provocation for governments, industries and citizens. Many governments are spending huge amount in improving air quality and they are educating people to improving air quality. Now a days, many industries and daily activities generate huge air pollutions, especially in metropolitan cities of the developing countries, such as China and India. In these cities, air quality of the urban environment has seriously degraded peoples’ work and life. Delhi, capital city of India, has to release fed alarm of air pollution and stop nearly all of the public outdoor activities several times per year. World Health Organization (WHO) reveals the fact that only in 2016, 575 thousand people died if air pollution, which contributes t0 12.5% of all the death, indicating that the air pollution is now the largest single environmental health risk. To eradicate this problem we need to sort out In order to implement effective policies and interventions there is an increasing focus on understanding the levels and causes of air pollution. Today, air quality monitoring is performed by large, expensive scientific instruments permanently installed and professionally maintained, at a relatively small number of fixed locations. For example London has around 100 monitoring stations. This makes it difficult for citizens to understand the levels of pollution they experience in their daily lives, as the monitoring data is not available in real time and is very sparse. Advances in sensors, IoT platforms and mobile communications technologies have led to the emergence of smaller, portable, low cost, sensors that can measure and report air quality in near real time.


The “Air Pollution Monitoring System using IoT” offers a groundbreaking approach to track and analyze air quality in real-time. Leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technology, this system employs sensor networks to gather comprehensive data on pollutants, enabling precise measurements and timely interventions. By amalgamating cutting-edge sensors with advanced data analytics, it facilitates informed decision-making for environmental preservation. This innovation stands as a pivotal solution in combating air pollution, ensuring a healthier and sustainable future by providing accurate, accessible, and actionable insights into our surroundings’ air quality.

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