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3D lane detection from monocular images is a fundamental yet challenging task in autonomous driving. Recent advances primarily rely on structural 3D surrogates (e.g., bird’s eye view) built from front-view image features and camera parameters. However, the depth ambiguity in monocular images inevitably causes misalignment between the constructed surrogate feature map and the original image, posing a great challenge for accurate lane detection. To address the above issue, we present a novel LATR model, an end-to-end 3D lane detector that uses 3D-aware front-view features without transformed view representation. Specifically, LATR detects 3D lanes via cross-attention based on query and key-value pairs, constructed using our lane-aware query generator and dynamic 3D ground positional embedding. On the one hand, each query is generated based on 2D lane-aware features and adopts a hybrid embedding to enhance lane information. On the other hand, 3D space information is injected as positional embedding from an iteratively-updated 3D ground plane. LATR outperforms previous state-of-the-art methods on both synthetic Apollo, realistic OpenLane and ONCE-3DLanes by large margins (e.g., 11.4 gain in terms of F1 score on OpenLane). Code will be released at .

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