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In the rapidly evolving landscape of edge computing ensuring secure and efficient communication among devices is crucial. This postgraduate project introduces GASE (Group Authentication Scheme with Key Agreement), a Java-based solution designed to enhance security and streamline communication in Edge Computing applications. The proposed system addresses the limitations of existing authentication methods, offering a lightweight yet robust solution.

Existing System:

Current authentication systems for Edge Computing often face challenges such as increased communication overhead and vulnerability to security threats. The conventional methods lack efficiency and may not be well-suited for resource-constrained Edge devices.

Proposed System:

GASE introduces a novel lightweight group authentication scheme with an integrated key agreement mechanism. The system aims to reduce communication overhead while ensuring secure authentication for devices in Edge Computing environments. The proposed scheme enhances the overall security posture of the system and facilitates efficient key agreement among devices.

System Requirements:

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  • Edge devices with network connectivity
  • Adequate processing power for cryptographic operations

Hardware Requirements:

  • Edge devices with sufficient computational resources
  • Secure storage for cryptographic keys
  • Network connectivity for communication

Software Requirements:

  • Java Development Kit (JDK)
  • Cryptographic libraries for key agreement
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Java development

Architecture: The GASE system follows a client-server architecture. The authentication server manages group authentication and key agreement processes, while Edge devices communicate with the server for authentication and secure key exchange.

Technologies Used:

  • Java for application development
  • Cryptographic algorithms for secure key agreement
  • Socket programming for communication
  • Multithreading for concurrent device authentication

Web User Interface: GASE includes a user-friendly web interface for system administrators to monitor and manage device authentication and key agreement processes. The interface provides real-time insights into the status of connected Edge devices and allows for the configuration of authentication parameters.

In conclusion, GASE presents an innovative approach to address the security and communication challenges in Edge Computing applications. The lightweight group authentication scheme with a key agreement not only enhances the security of communication but also contributes to the efficiency of Edge devices in resource-constrained environments. The project utilizes Java and various technologies to achieve a robust, secure, and user-friendly solution for the dynamic landscape of Edge Computing.

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