As distributed key-value store systems become integral to modern data management, optimizing replica selection plays a pivotal role in enhancing system performance and reliability. This post-graduate student project proposes a Solidity-based solution for Accelerated Information Dissemination (AID) to streamline the process in distributed key-value store systems. The project addresses the limitations of existing systems by introducing a decentralized and efficient approach to replica selection.

Existing System

The current landscape of distributed key-value store systems faces challenges in the terms of latency, reliability, and scalability in the replicas. Traditional approaches rely on centralized decision-making, leading to bottlenecks and potential single points of failure.

Proposed System

The proposed system leverages Solidity, a smart contract language on the Ethereum blockchain, to implement a decentralized selection algorithm. AID introduces a dynamic and responsive approach that utilizes blockchain’s transparency and immutability to enhance the security and efficiency of the selection process.

System Requirements

  • Decentralized network infrastructure
  • Ethereum blockchain for smart contract deployment
  • Solidity development environment
  • Consensus algorithm for blockchain network

Hardware Requirements:

  • Nodes for running Ethereum blockchain
  • Adequate computational resources for decentralized network nodes

Software Requirements:

  • Ethereum client for blockchain deployment
  • Solidity compiler for smart contract development
  • Decentralized consensus algorithm implementation

Architecture: The AID system architecture comprises decentralized nodes running the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts, written in Solidity, govern the process. The decentralized nature of the blockchain ensures fault tolerance and high availability, contributing to improved system resilience.

Technologies Used:

  • Solidity for smart contract development
  • Ethereum blockchain for decentralized execution
  • Consensus algorithm for distributed agreement
  • Web3.js for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain

Web User Interface: The project includes a user-friendly web interface for interacting with the decentralized key-value store system. Users can monitor, view system statistics, and configure parameters through an intuitive dashboard. This interface enhances accessibility and usability for system administrators and operators.

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