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The improving technologies have increased the quality of the healthcare system drastically. Introduced smart services, and smart transportation and brought the government to authorize the systematic workflow of pharmaceutical supply chains. However, technological growth for efficient infrastructure implementation is on its way. It is a great advantage to use blockchain technology PHARMACEUTICAL SUPPLY CHAIN Management system for systematic and strategic management to create value for increased customer satisfaction. Introduced Ethereum blockchain for better pharmaceutical supply chain management.

Proposed System

Using blockchain in supply chain management increases efficiency, transparency, and security and provides immutable data with complex encryption algorithms. Using blockchain instead of a database brings enhancement in product traceability without tampering with data. Earlier, Supply chain management systems used cloud and database for storage to monitor delivery networks, and bottlenecks, and prioritize slower-moving shipments. Admins can update real-time data for tracking and managing the service or product to avoid conflict and most importantly it stores mutable data which can be modified at any time. Traceability and effective control of products in the healthcare supply chain is a necessity. Hence uses supply chain management and it attempts to centrally control or link the production, shipment, and distribution of a product.


The pharmaceutical supply chain network is the mechanism by which manufactured prescription medications are distributed to patients. However, this supply chain is very complex and consists of multiple stages, which could span over months or longer, across multiple regions around the world. A primary supply chain consists of many entities like suppliers, manufacturers, transporters, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, etc. Thus, keeping track of each medical drug throughout the chain and tracing it back to its source becomes a tedious job. Drug counterfeiting is a global concern. The Health Research Funding organization reported that nearly 10-30% of the drugs are fake in developing countries. Counterfeit products are a matter of great concern as they can produce different side effects on human health.

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