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The Project Named “WEB BASED PLACEMENT ANALYSIS AND TRACKING SYSTEM” is a student/company web-based Information system .Training and Placement Cell is the management cell it is supported by databases. Training and Placement has a major role in every college in which most of the work till now is carried out manually. The Main aim of this project is to Automate the Training and Placement procedure in our college. This project reduces manual work and maximum the optimization, abstraction and security. This is a web application which will help students as well as the administration authority to carry out each and every activity in campus hiring.

This system is an application that can be accessed throughout the organization and outside as well with proper login credentials. This system can be used as an application for the Training and placement cell of the college to manage the student information with regarding placement recruitment.

Students able to view eligibility criteria based on their CGPA for the up-coming placement drives and they can access technical and QA papers regarding particular company.

KeyWords: updation, online training and placement management system, TPO, databases, students, eligibility


Our project is mainly focused on analysis and tracking of student Performance in placement drives. To implement this application, coordinator has to collect the student’s data, those who are eligible and qualified for the aptitude and future rounds.

The current system is computerized one, but it does not meet the needs of Training and Placement Cell. In existing system, the student’s data is maintained in Excel Sheets. According to the Company’s Requirement the data is short listed manually by the TPO’s. Handling and maintaining of student’s data manually is hectic to the T&P Dept and sometimes it might be inaccurate. To overcome these limitations, we proposed a new system called “AN EFFECT OF ERP ON WEB BASED PLACEMENT ANALYSIS AND TRACKING SYSTEM”.

The main purpose of this project is to add new features to existing system. The proposed one is an online system which can be accessed throughout the Organization and outside as well with valid login credentials. This system can be used as an application for the Training and Placement Department of the college to manage student’s information regarding Placements. The student’s record includes personal

details, educational qualifications, professional skills and academics,etc.,This system acts as central repository for student information.

Decision Tree Algorithms:

ID3 (Iterative Dichotomiser): It works on the principle of the Occam’s razor and used to create the smallest possible decision tree. It takes all the attributes which are unused and promotes the calculation of entropies which are used to measure the informative of node. It also scans and chooses the attribute which has the entropy is less or when information gain is large[7].

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