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The Project Named “AN EFFECT OF ERP ON PLACEMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” a student/company Information system is a web-based system. The project is developed on the basis of “CAMPUS RECRUITMENT” being presently used in the Campus for storing and retrieving the Information of students and companies who are registered in Placement Cell. The Placement Cell maintains a large database of students where in all the information of student including the personal records and the academic performance in terms of the SPI is stored and company information including profile of company, eligibility criteria and facilities it provide etc. The software retrieve this data and displays as per the user requirement The Placement Management System is developed as an attempt to take a record of company and students by restricting such a large database to that of a particular class of students or company. The System provides the facility of viewing both the personal and academic information of the student and company it can also search for eligible students and company and also insertion and deletion of records by the administrator. Eligible students will receive an email including the details of the company on their registered e-mail id in which the date-time and location will be provided.

Key Words: placement management system, TPO, campus recruitment, students, eligibility, database


Nowadays educational institutions reputation is based on the Placements that are provided by the institution. Handling and maintaining of students data manually is the hectic task to the T&P Cell .In the current system Training and placement activities are carried out manually, so there are more chances for getting errors. It is a time consuming activity for collecting, managing, updating student’s data as number of student’s increases. This laborious job can be made simply by computerizing the system

The proposed one is an online system which can be accessed throughout the Organization and outside as well with valid login credentials. This system can be used as an application for the Training and Placement Department of the college to manage the student’s information with regarding Placements. Placement Department prepares the schedule of all the activities regarding placements. In this proposed system students who are eligible for the drive will be notified through SMS or Email.

1.1 Placement Management System

The Placement Management System acts as an interface between campus recruitment cell and students. Here students can get the details by logging into the website. Some circulars regarding ongoing placements which are provided to the students who are going to attend campus placements. This system also provides facility to admin to update details of students and retrieve their data.

Modules :

  • Admin Module
  • College Module

Scope of Project:

This project covers wide scope of information of all the students which can be stored in the format of CV’s are categorized according to various streams. Various companies can access the information of students and they can maintain and update their information. Notifications are sent to students about the companies. Students can access previous information regarding placement.

  • View Student Profile
  • Company Page
  • Company Login
  • Company recruitment schedule Page
  • View Recruitment Schedule
  • View Selected List of Students
  • Updates by the Administrator
  • View Updates by the Students

System Architecture

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