Dental Appointment Booking App is a web-based application which helps the patient to schedule an appoint on any given date, on any given day in the given time slots. This web application allows the patients to book an appointment, view about the clinic, services offered, doctors, fetch the location of the address and other information related to the dental clinic. Similarly, admin can view the appointment details, alter the booking data, and more.
The technology used in creation of this web application are HTML5, CSS3, BOOTSTRAP5, JAVASCRIPT and MERN (MongoDB, Express.Js, React.Js, Node.Js). Front-End or the User Interface is developed using HTML5, CSS3, BOOTTSTRAP5 and React.Js. BackEnd is developed using Server – (Node.Js, Express.Js) and Database –

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The intent of creating this project is to have a dental clinic web-based application with feature of appointment booking and ensure that the roles of the users are justified.


Dental Appointment Booking App is a dental clinic app wherein there are two users i.e., patient and admin. The roles of the patient can be on the view levels which are viewing home page, about the dental clinic, doctor information, check the treatments and services offered along with the details of the treatments, get the contact details, fetch the exact location via Google Maps’ API, book an appointment from the portal which includes – choosing the doctors from the available list, book on any given date on any day in the given time slots starting today up to a week, provide the credentials of themselves(patient) to the user on the other side and get confirmation of appointment as booked, all the information is pushed into database.
The roles of the admin can be of the other end that is fetch the information on the user from the database i.e., the doctor requested, the day, date and the time requested, the credentials provided which are name, address, phone number, email, appointment reason/remarks. Also, the admin can alter the data and update the database.

Dental Appointment Booking App

Problem Statement

The Problems are:
 Use of paid third party paid APIs for appointment bookings.
 Use of redundant technology for user interface

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