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We provide crime analysis project in this paper. Crime analysis and prevention is a systematic approach for identifying and analyzing patterns and trends in crime. Our system can predict the type of crime activity which have high probability for given location interns of latitude and longitude and date and also we can visualize crime prone areas. With the increasing advent of computerized systems, crime data analysts can help the Law enforcement officers to speed up the process of solving crimes. Using the concept of data mining we can extract previously unknown, useful information from an unstructured data. Here we have an approach between computer science and criminal justice to develop a data mining procedure that can help solve crimes faster. Instead of focusing on causes of crime occurrence like criminal background of offender, political enmity etc we are focusing mainly on crime factors of each day.
KEYWORDS: Clustering, k-means Algorithm, Decision Tree, Crime.

Day by day the crime rate is increasing considerably. Crime cannot be predicted since it is
neither systematic nor random. Also the modern technologies and hi-tech methods help criminals
in achieving their misdeeds. According to Crime Records Bureau crimes like burglary, arson etc
have been decreased while crimes like murder have been increased. Even though we cannot
predict who all may be the victims of crime but can predict the place that has probability for its
occurrence. The predicted results cannot be assured of 100% accuracy but the results shows that
our application helps in reducing crime rate to a certain extent by providing security in crime
sensitive areas. So for building such a powerful crime analytics tool we have to collect crime
records and evaluate it. Analyzing criminal data to discern patterns, trends, and insights for law enforcement strategies and crime prevention measures.

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