Blood Bank Management System is a web-based application. The entire project was developed with distributed client server computing technology in mind. Through this application anyone interested in donating blood can register through this website. Moreover, any general patients can request blood through this site.
Admin is the main authority who can do addition, deletion and modification if required. The project has been planned to be having the view of distributed architecture with centralized storage of the database. This website has been developed using the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and bootstrap for the Front End and for backend I have used My SQL Server and PHP.


Blood Bank Management System is a browser-based system that is designed to store, process, retrieve and analyse blood related information. This project aims at maintaining all the information pertaining to blood donors, different blood group available in this blood bank and help them to manage in a better way. This website provides the user or the donors a secured environment by accepting the log in ID’s and password from the user.
This application allows the user to store the donor details as soon as the donor is registered. The admin will check the donor registered details if only he/ she is capable for donating the blood then only the donor can donate the blood at their registered centres. Before that the admin will send message or notification to donor registered mobile
number or email.

Blood Bank Management System

General Overview of the Problem

The problems are:
•Tracking the database was complicated when the details are maintained manually.
•It is time consuming and space consuming.
•Scarcity of rare bloods.
•Unavailability of blood during emergency.
•Less awareness among people about blood donation and blood transfusion.

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