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Procedure designed to standardize input received during faculty searches with the goal of amplifying student voices. The framework was originally used to collect feedback from graduate students, but it can be adapted easily to collect feedback from undergraduate students, faculty, staff or other stakeholders. Implementing this framework requires agreement across participating parties and minimal organization prior to the start of faculty candidate visits.

Faculty hiring at major research universities includes input from many different groups. Graduate students
are highly impacted by available faculty in a department and can provide critical and unique feedback during the hiring process. In a living document written by members of Colorado State University’s Graduate Center for Inclusive Mentoring and Graduate Student Council titled Graduate Student Input in the Faculty Search Process (2021), the authors also argued that high levels of graduate student involvement can reflect well on the department itself, thus potentially attracting higher quality candidates. Further, graduate students themselves benefit from the professional development experience that is active participation in a hiring process. For these reasons, graduate student input is considered best
practice in faculty hiring processes (see e.g., Columbia University, Office of the Provost 2016; Cornell University, Office of Faculty Development and Diversity 2021)

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