Church Management System is developed for the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Sikkim (EPCS), to keep a record of all the EPCS church’s branches scattered all over the Sikkim and members of every church (EPCS). Church
Management System helps the council of EPCS to keep trace of Churches details and the member’s details. This web application is designed using PHP, and MySQL as backend. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript for Frontend.
It contains various modules. The expected outcome of this management system is that the council members can easily keep the record of everyone that is a member of the church under EPCS

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The system for the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Sikkim (EPCS). The Authorities of the church will use this system for the better performance of the work. This system will provide online facilities for the members of the church and also for the Administrator. “My Church,” the thesis project is a system that will allow church groups to automate the process of establishing and administering church members and events. The technology in question makes it simple for churches to plan events and handle essential
elements for occasions.

Features of the system

  1. Online member registration.
  2. Online church registration.
  3. Members can check the announcement from the council.
  4. Members can send their prayer requests.

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